ESU on the threatened situation of our Syriac people on Family7 TV, March 2016

ESU on AlfaOmega TV, March 2016

ESU & ECPM on the political situation of the Syriac people in Iraq & Syria

ESU foreign affairs representative Rima Tüzün & Johannes de Jong (European Christian Political Movement) on the political situation in the Middle East and the Syriac people in Iraq & Syria. ESU & ECPM elaborate on their political & lobby work in Brussels and call for a permanent unified voice and joint-representation of our political parties in the different political forums of the EU.

Suroyo TV, Brussels, 5 July 2015

Minorities in Iraq & Signing declaration of cooperation

After months of preparations, the leaders and representatives of the Yazidi, Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian and Turkmen peoples of Iraq were able to present, for the first time in history, a common declaration for the restoration of their human rights through a political future for their peoples in Iraq. This event was hosted by MEP Branislav Škripek in collaboration with the Christian Political Foundation for Europe (CPFE).

European Parliament, Brussels - Belgium, Suroyo TV, October 2014