We, undersigned organizations, would like to draw your attention and share our concern, appeal and demand regarding an urgent issue which continues to affect the Syriac-Assyrian-Chaldean Christian community in Turkey and abroad.

By Johannes de Jong Director of Sallux
For years now all ethnicities who are under threat from Turkey have failed to push for a strategy that is really effective. This has to do with several factors. The first is the focus of each ethnicity on its own needs and situation only. The second factor is the lack of understanding of how the political system of the US and Europe actually work and what works within that system in terms of effective results. A third factor is that too many people are interested in showing that they are on the picture with ‘an important and powerful person’ and not focused on actual results. In return, most western politicians in these pictures have no idea of the background and position of the people they had a chat and a picture with. This results in a cacophony of voices shouting different unworkable solutions from a western or international perspective while they all try to deal with the same problem. What you get is Kurds organising again another mass demonstration for the release of Ocalan, Armenians issuing another demand for international recognition of Artsakh and Syriac-Assyrians again demanding for Nineveh Plain to become a state protected by the UN. And all of them crave for recognition of their pain and none of them getting anything actually done. Thanks to these waves upon waves of ineffectiveness there is plenty of time for other actors to sow internal divisions and create proxies for themselves.

Dear Mr. President,
The Bethnahrin National Council wishes to express to you our sincerest congratulations on becoming the 46th President of the United States of America. We are confident that the universal values and ideals that you evoked in your inauguration speech will help the United States achieve unity, strengthen international relations and be a great step forward to achieving world peace.

As the conflict continues in Syria on various fronts while the Syrian people suffering from the war, destruction and deprivation, Syrian authorities and Presidency statements indicate clearly their position and intentions for future of Syria.

In these difficult times of pandemic, preventive measures, and partial lockdowns we ask for strength, health, and patience to all. We as European Syriac Union co-chairs had hoped that the world would come to reflection, understanding, and cooperation in fighting this virus. Unfortunately, we see hostilities and wars continuing. Enmity endures and we see authoritarian regimes trying to benefit from the situation. This is inexcusable.

In the Middle East, we see that the U.S.-led International Coalition against ISIS has brought back hope for indigenous components like Syriacs and Yazidis who suffered genocide by terrorist ISIS. Slow reconstruction work and insufficient peacebuilding efforts in the ISIS aftermath, however, are threatening the existence in Iraq of these indigenous components. Syriacs and Yazidis are still forced to flee their Mesopotamian homelands.

Since the start of the conflict over Artsakh, Nagorno-Karabakh, we are following the ongoing hostilities between Armenian and Azeri forces in Artsakh with great concern. The war has brought many civilian casualties and the regional and international powers and community have stayed too cautious in the matter.

Mgr. Najeeb Michaeel, the Syriac Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul in Iraq, with his nomination and him being shortlisted for the prestigious European Sakharov Prize 2020 and many other Syriacs.

Turkey – The trial against Syriac Orthodox monk Sefer Bileçen -  monk Aho - of the Mor Yahqoub monastery in the Tur Abdin region in southeast Turkey continued at the end of September in the fourth Heavy Penal Court in Mardin. Monk Aho is accused of membership of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) for giving bread and water to PKK fighters. The PKK is designated a terrorist organization in Turkey.