8 years of Sinjar genocide without real solution

On August 8, 2014, ISIS terror organization took control of ancient Yazidi region Sinjar amid national and international inaction by killing, enslaving and torturing hundreds of women, children, men and elders. In a very short period of time, ISIS violence across the region left behind traumatized community, destroyed and razed villages and places.

Following the rise in Iraq and Syria, jihadist terrorist organizations with the support of some regional powers, firstly attacked vulnerable and defenseless minority and religious groups while national forces remained ineffective for their duty. Arrival of ISIS in Iraq and lately Syria posed fundamental existential dilemma for these groups and especially Yazidi people of Sinjar which faced genocide with utmost brutality and barbarity. After 8 years of genocide, on this day, around three thousand women and children remain in captivity without credible information about whereabouts, thousands of IDP’s and destroyed region, villages without any plan of reconstruction and return project.

As the political, social and economic turmoil affect all Iraqi components and struggle of power in Sinjar region, Yazidi community deserve peace and stability in their region and choose their heir destiny for future. Taking account of unwillingness of national and regional actors to find long term solution in Sinjar, international community and United Nations should be ready to assist and support beleaguered Yazidi community and ensure their existence in their homeland.

We in the European Syriac Union, ESU stand always with Yazidi community and continue to struggle side by side for the future our people for free and democratic future. On this day also, we remember and honor all nameless fallen souls of genocide and we kindly call on international community and regional actors to put all efforts to find missing Yazidi women and children.

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