Anniversary of ESU Foundation

On May 15th 2004 in the European capital Brussels, European Syriac Union, ESU laid down its foundation with the presence of political, social, cultural figures and long standing friends of Syriac people and activists from Europe as anew platform for a Syriac people in a Europe for the recognition of the rights and a bridge between homeland and diaspora.

ESU foundation was an historical avenue following years of political activism and struggle in Europe and in Bethnahrin with the changing parameters in the international political scene and paradigms. From the first day of the foundation until today, ESU have been major voice of Chaldean-Syria-Assyrian people in Europe and especially in the European Union institutions notably in the European Parliament. The ongoing conflicts in Syria, Iraq and in the Middle East, increasing hostile atmosphere vis-a-vis minorities in the region, attacks of terrorists organizations and mass exodus and migration have been major issues for ESU activities.

For more than two decades, under the umbrella of Bethnahrin National Council, MUB and partner forces in the homeland, ESU played pivotal role regarding the situation and demands of Syriac people and regularly have been active with its counterparts. This is also importantly to note the sacrifice, devotion and courage of our colleagues and friends in various countries to adapt to the new situation and actively work for the people.

On this day of ESU foundation, we would like to extend our gratitude to our colleagues, friends and supporters during the whole years. We continue our struggle of recognition and survival forever.


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