Churches and Monasteries bombed in Iraq

On Sunday 6th January 2008, the Epifany day, 7 churches and monasteries were bombed in Bagdad and Mossul in Iraq.
3 of the attacks occured in Bagdad; the concerned chruches and monatery are:
The Church of Saint George in El Gadir area, where the bomb exploded in front of the entry of the Church.
The second attack targeted a Melkit Church in the Al Tahryat area, where the bomb exploded very close to the Church.
The third attack was directed against the convent of the sisters in the El Zafaraniye and called the Daughters of Mary.

On the other hand, 4 other bombs exploded in the are of Mossul.
The concerned churches and monastery are:
The Katrin covent of the sisters, the Saint Paul Church of the Chaldeans, the Daughters of Mary covent, et the Mother of God Church of the Assyrians.

These attacks were organised and happened systematically one after each other and all between 11AM and noon.
Hopefully there was no victims however few people were wounded. And of course there is a lot of material damage.
As mentioned Sunday 6th January was the Epiphany day and there was a lot of people in the Churches to celebrate it, in addition it was also the Army day in Iraq.

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