2019 European Parliament elections: ESU endorses CU/SGP & Bündnis C

The ChristenUnie/SGP and Bündnis C are members of the European Christian Political Movement which is a European partnership of Christian political parties. Together with the other ECPM-members, Bündnis C and the ChristenUnie/SGP have been committed to and supporting the Christians at risk in Iraq and Syria. In the public political arena through their political stance in debates and discussions. In the background through the joint lobby towards the European institutions and governments - inside and outside Europe.

The European Syriac Union wants to evidence and strengthen the excellent ties between the Syriac Christians and the ChristenUnie/SGP & Bündnis C. ESU calls on our Syriac people in Europe to vote CU/SGP & Bündnis C on 23 May 2019. Vote for ECPM member parties CU/SGP and Bündnis C, in order for the ECPM to continue its support for persecuted Christians. With the CU/SGP and Bündnis C in the European Parliament we have determined friends who continue to work very hard over the next five years against the injust situation of our Syriac brothers and sisters in oppression.

Three election video calls. And download the ECPM brochure here.

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