ESU present Annual Report to EU Commission

Brussels - European Syriac Union, ESU shares its annual report of 2019 regarding situation of Syriac people in Turkey to European Commission.

ESU systematically inform and share information and hold meetings with European official and representatives in Brussels and in the European institutions. Entitled as “Report on the situation of the Syriacs” report highlights  ans shed light on the situation, problems, difficulties and developments faced by Syriac people in Turkey.

During the year of 2019 as noted in the report, Syriac community of Turabdin faced widespread forest and land fires in different locations and villages causing material damage and economic loss. At the beginning of the incidents was the fires in the olive trees lands of Deyrulzafaran Monastery, during these fires between 500-700 trees had been burned. On the other hand, villages of Tur Izlo and other villages faces the same problems of fires.

Another issue which preoccupied Syriac people in the country and in the world was the detention of Syriac monk Aho, Sefer Bilecen of Mor Yakup Monastery in Tur Izlo région with 2 other Syriac persons. On the hand, the issue of Diril family of Meer, Kovankaya village also was mentioned.

During last year, Turkey government under AKP tried to benefit and use minority and religious groups including Syriac community for their broader political and military ambitions including their invasion attempts in Syria. Turkey’s hostage policy also is practiced with minority groups often used with western relations.

ESU regularly hold activities in Brussels with European counterparts and officials regarding g the demands and problems of Syriac people.

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