Fundraising for Fire Extinguishers for Syriac villages and monasteries in Tur Abdin

The European Syriac Union and five other Syriac organizations held a joint fundraising in June 2020, to raise money for fire extinguishers for Syriac villages and monasteries. The fire extinguishers were much needed as every summer Tur Abdin is plagued by fires devouring Syriac farmland, orchards and vineyards costing the Syriacs (part of) their livelihoods.

Because of the fundraising, ESU and its partners were able to distribute 42 fire extinguishers at EUR 500 each to representatives of Syriac villages at a meeting held in the community center of the Federation of Syriac Associations in Turkey (SÜDEF). Money left over from the fundraising was used to buy fireproof clothes and supplies.

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