International women's day

Today March 8, world and international community celebrate much deserved international women’s day amid COVID-19 pandemic and critical situation of women in various places around the world also threatened by the violence, war and conflicts.

Women around the world with different ethnic, religious and social backgrounds continue incessantly to fight for their rights, equality and acceptance. While the wars, conflicts and migration remain real threats to women around the world also domestic violence causes great suffering for women.

While part of the larger societies in their host countries, Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian Christian women faced violence, kidnappings, tortures and killings. Looking back to the latest wave of war and conflict in the Middle East countries, we easily remark violence against women and children. Despite the ongoing conflict and destruction, miraculously women of our people raised again their voices and defended their lands and women, worth to mention also Syriac women of Bethnahrin Women Protection Forces, HSNB in northern Syria and their will of struggle.

On this occasion of March 8, International Women’s Day, we congratulate women around the world and women of our people for their commitment, struggle and courage. More than ever, international community and states should actively participate to the guarantee of women rights and especially women belonging to minority groups.

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