On this day of August 7, Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people around the world remember and commemorate martyrs of Simele Massacre in the of 1933 by Iraqi army and their local allies killing around 5000 Assyrian civilians, destroying more than 60 villages in the region of Dohuk city, currently in KRG. On the other hand, on these days of August, our people also remember their forced exodus from Nineveh Plains with the arrival of ISIS leaving behind genocide, killings and destruction of social, cultural and religious heritage.

Following the Sayfo genocide 1915, our people have been forced to mass atrocities, killings and dislocation by loosing their ancestral lands. Within this context, our people who fled Hakkari region were incessantly in search for new safe place especially in Iraq and in Syria. Amid their intention and will to live freely in their historical lands, Assyro-Chaldeans of Simele region have been target of Iraqi governmental forces and their local allies. Simele massacre is deeply still present in the collective memory. Starting by the Sayfo genocide of 1915, Simele Massacre, Soraya Massacre of 1969 and latest wave of genocidal campaign by ISIS in Iraq against ethnic and religious minority groups.

On the inter hand, by the first week of August 2014, ISIS took control of Nineveh Plain ancient homeland of Christian communities forcing more than 100 thousand people fleeing the region and emptying villages and towns. During the ISIS control of Nineveh Plains, Christian women have been abducted, church and monasteries bulldozed and villages destroyed. Today, while the population is back new challenges and obstacles remain especially threat to demographic change and presence of various arm forces notably Shia forces exerting their presence.

While the future of minorities and ethnic-religious groups in Iraq remains in limbo, presence of Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people is in critical stage and it demands rapid recognition and solution. On this basis, federal and regional governments have their constitutional duties to protect our people. On this day of Simele Massacre Remembrance Day, we honor martyrs of our people and promise to continue our combat for their memory. ESU demands Simele Massacre to be recognized by federal and regional parliaments to honor victims of this tragedy.

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