Statement regarding Syrian presidency remarks

As the conflict continues in Syria on various fronts while the Syrian people suffering from the war, destruction and deprivation, Syrian authorities and Presidency statements indicate clearly their position and intentions for future of Syria.

Within a declaration, Syria President Bashar Assad stated that actually Syriac people are natively Arabs and thus understand their contributions as Arabs to the land of Syria. In reality, nothing come to surprise to anyone such a statement form the President of Syria while constitutionally ignores the fundamental rights of native components and different ethnic and religious groups. While the statement indicate actual position of Syrian apparatus system it also reflects their possible future of Syria while Geneva meetings continue for the new constitution. Moreover, we also observe similar approach and attitude of Damascus with their handling components of northeastern Syria and their unique project.

Authoritarian regimes in Middle East ignored fundamental cultural, social, human and constitutional rights of the indigenous groups by destruction of their heritage seizure of their assets. Starting from Syria to Turkey and states in the region had been founded upon the richness of native groups while still denying and ignoring their presence and rights.

ESU with partner organisations in Syria continue to defend the rights of Syriac people without interruption. No one has the right to deny the rights and presence of Syriac people in Syria and in the Middle East.

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