Stop Turkish invasion / attacks of northern Syria

During the civil war in Syria, various components, ethnic and religious, vulnerable groups and Syrian society as a whole had been affected tremendously by ongoing conflict and war causing the death of millions, refugees, IDP’s and fractured country. While in the most parts of Syria conflict and war came to end, in northern Syria, most peaceful region in Syria had been target of Turkish attacks causing death and migration among local communities. On February 24, Turkish aviation forces attacked Syriac police force Sutoro vehicles resulting with the martyrdom of three officers and injured two others.

Composed of Syriac, Kurds, Armenian, Arab and other components of northern Syria Self Administration, SDF have been exemplary military force to defeat ISIS in Raqqa, Deir ez Zor among other fronts with the support of International Coalition against ISIS. During the fight against ISIS, SDF arrested some most wanted and dangerous ISIS foreign fighters which played crucial roles in Brussels and Paris attacks. Today, SDF, absent of international support, face another front against Turkey. Northern Syria Self Administration and SDF never been a danger for Turkey. Moreover, SDF have been always transparent for the relations with neighboring countries.

Continued Turkish attacks in northern Syria causing humanitarian casualties and environmental disaster for local populations and economy. Since the invasion of Afrin and other regions by Turkey and affiliated jihadist groups chaos and conflict is permanent while Islamist ideology is applied in all parts. While all segments of the population are in danger of attacks this is another blow endangered Christian communities and future presence in Syria. Due to the attacks and danger, migration is increasing.

In order to stop Turkish attacks and preserving security and prosperity in the northern Syria, international community, NATO and international coalition, EU and USA must play their vital role and stop Turkish unprovoked attacks. In light of local elections in Turkey, AKP will increasingly try to play the card of northern Syriac administration to consolidate its base.
European Syriac Union, ESU condemn in strongest terms latest Turkish attacks against Sutoro police forces, and we call on democratic and free forces and voices to stand against Turkey destructive policies with its neighbors.

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