SUTORO – Syriac Christian Protection Forces sacrifice their life protecting the Patriarch of the Syriac–Orthodox Church

On Sunday June 19th, a suicide attack took place in the district of Quwetli in Qamishli – Syria, while the Patriarch of the Syriac-Orthodox Church, Mor Ignatius Aphrem II, was present for the commemoration of the 1915 genocide against the Syriac people. The Patriarch inaugurated a monument commemorating this genocide and lead afterwards a service in the Brotherhood of Mor Gabriel.

During this service a suicide attacker tried to reach to the building of the Brotherhood of Mor Gabriel, but has been stopped by the Sutoro. The suicide attacker blew up himself before he reached his ultimate target. One Sutoro member has fallen immediately as Marty, while two others are heavily wounded and 8 other members of the Sutoro suffered severe injuries.

If the Sutoro had not been able to stop the suicide attacker, the Patriarch of the Syriac-Orthodox Church and Hundreds of Syriac Christians, would have affected seriously.

The Sutoro protection forces co-operate with the Kurdish and Arab forces that protect the Democratic Self-Administration in North-East Syria.

The Sutoro stated that this is a sad day, especially for the family members of those who sacrificed their life. The Sutoro furthermore announced an investigation and warned for premature conclusions and accusations.

The Sutoro hopes that Western governments will take note of this situation and send more support to increase the security of the area and to help the families of those who were killed doing their duty.

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