Syriac Christian officer have been assassinated in Syria

Syriac Christian officer Brahim Bassam Mikhaïl
Syriac Christian officer Brahim Bassam Mikhaïl

On October 12th, while on his duty Syriac Christian officer Brahim Bassam Mikhaïl of local police force Sutoro in north east Syria have been assassinated by Turkish drone attack. This is not first attack against Syriac Christian security forces in the region and their partners which have been essential forces in the fight against ISIS and security of the whole region. Previously, Syriac Military Council, MFS and SDF forces have been targeted hostilely and well known figures targeted.

Turkish attacks and intentions in north east Syria undermine very core principles of human rights, international norms and humanitarian law. Turkish occupation of Syria towns and regions already created catastrophic results and insecure atmosphere with the jihadist proxies waging profit war among each other and terrorising local populations and force them to leave their original places. Moreover, Turkish incessant malicious plans is to create conflict among various groups and peoples in the region by undermining social fabric and reality.

With the beginning of Syrian conflict, despite all challenges and obstacles, Syriac people and people of Gozarto, Syria took tremendous steps and realised project to secure their region and rights. While they have been important actor against ISIS, they never posed a threat to their neighbours. To note, Syriac people and their forces, MFS and Sutoro also have been in for front with the fight against ISIS.

While we strongly condemn Turkish actions and attacks against genuine forces and regions in north east Syria, we equally call for all relevant parties and Coalition forces to stop Turkey from its attacks and harmful policies and actions. We will continue to denounce Turkish actions and stand against them and stand for the people of north east Syria and Syriac people.

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