To the Syrian people... To the People of Revolution

It has been more than a year and half for the start of the Syrian revolution that seeks better future for us and for our children. Killings, displacement, oppression and torture. The process of assassination has not stopped from killing our children and attacking our villages. The criminal gang did not provide a barbaric way of killing and only used, arrests, raids, shelling and bullets, killing and violations, displacement and mortar hatred destroy houses, cities, streets and fields. The ruling gang aircraft fired lava death and destruction. The regime is trying to destroy the pure image the Syrian revolution to divide the components of the Syrian people. The regime is trying to destroy our dream in the presence of any international support.

More than twenty thousand martyrs (civilian and military) including women and children, tens of thousands wounded, imprisoned or move to more secure countries as refugees. But after all this! we still fixed, and our great will was never weakened by the horrible attack of Al-Assad criminal regime. And we’ve become role model in confrontation and competition to move forward to overthrow the legitimate system of tyranny, terrorism and corruption; and to finally enjoy civil republic of pluralist based on the foundations of justice and equality.

Many factors pushed the Syriac people to arrange his powers to remedy the risk of fragmentation and loss and for activating claim his rights. The sense of responsibility towards the sacrifices of the Syrian people and the difficult conditions experienced by the country pushed us as parties, institutions, and Syriac members to establish the Syriac national council of Syria in order to activate the group work that support Syriac in specific and Syrians in general. However, we will keep on supporting the Syrian revolution in which we are part from beside supporting the Syrian national council the one we ask to unite the council for better vision of Syria after Assad’s regime.

Consequently, we ask the Arab League and the United Nations and influential countries in the international community to be committed legally and morally by the international law in order to overthrow the Assad regime and we ask for the military intervention to overthrow the criminal regime of Al-Assad who is killing Syrian people.

We look forward to a Constitution that guarantees public liberties, separation of authorities, equal citizenship and full national partnership. A constitution that admits and situation of national diversity, including constitutional recognition of the existence of the national identity of the Syriac people. Constitution in accordance with international conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and keep pace with modern developments, and meets the requirements of society with all its components so that this constitution is based on administrative decentralization.

We look forward to peaceful life for all the components of the Syrian people for the various national and religious affiliations in the future Syrian republic of pluralism and democracy. We also look forward to preserve the rights of our Syriac people and to be equal as Syriacs - Assyrians by rights and duties with the rest of Syria, Arabs and Kurds, Circassians, and others, in addition to the rights of the different religions and sects of Christians and Muslims and others. Believing that this pluralism and this diversity is an essential factor culture and civilization of Syria.

We ask our brothers in the Free Syrian army whom we support and defend to control all irresponsible actions that take place in some cases in which it alter its real and great image and to stop anyone who intend to give a bad image or bad reputation for to wonderful revolution.

As result for all what we mentioned, we ask our Syriac people to support the Syrian revolution

And we ask all other Christians to be good example of Jesus’ message which rejected injustice and called for justice and rights. You should not allow the regime to succeed in his trap that relies on strife and conspiracies. The huge number of Syriacs who migrated during the reign of this regime after the great ignorance and injustice of the Syriac clearly shows the great lie about protecting Christians by the regime. The regime intended to make demographic change for the syriacs and to abolish their culture and political institutions as well.

The last but not the least, we ask our Syriac people to stick to their land and to keep their presence in Syria the land of their ancestors and civilization. We ask you to be strong like great rock that never moves or shakes.

We are ready for all kinds of collaboration to rescue Syria from its crisis.

Finally, we believe that we all together are going to drop that Tyrant and we will build home of peace and dignity where all Syrians enjoy their rights without any ethnic, national or ideological discrimination

Glory and eternity to martyrs of the Syrian Revolution
We pray for God to heal all the wounded and to liberate all the detainees
Freedom for civil and democratic Syrian republic.

Syriacc Nationall Councillof Syriaa
Istanbull Septemberr 8, 2012

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