Urgent call to halt Turkey's aggression

Dear Esteemed Members of the International Community,

We write to you with profound concern, urging your immediate attention and decisive action regarding the escalating crisis in North and East Syria. As representatives of diverse communities residing in this region, we bear witness to the harrowing consequences of Turkey’s aggressive incursions and indiscriminate assaults on civilian populations and critical infrastructure.

The people of North and East Syria have endured untold suffering throughout the protracted civil war, only to now confront a fresh wave of violence perpetrated by Turkish forces. The recent airstrikes on February 24th, which targeted the Syriac police forces and resulted in the tragic loss of three members of the Christian Syriac Police in the city of Derek, alongside the injury of two others, epitomize the brutality inflicted upon our communities. Turkey’s relentless campaign of destruction, which has intensified since October 5th of last year, has left a swath of devastation across the region. Deliberate targeting of civilian establishments, including schools, hospitals, and vital utilities such as water and electricity stations, has plunged millions of Syrians into further despair and hardship.

Of grave concern is the deliberate targeting of the Syriac community, a historical and indigenous group that has long enriched the cultural tapestry of Northern Syria. Representing one of the world's oldest Christian communities and among the few remaining speakers of the Aramaic language, Syriacs in Northern Syria now face the threat of extinction. We unequivocally condemn Turkey’s actions, which appear to be aimed at ethnically cleansing this community from its ancient ancestral homeland. Additionally, Turkish aggression will not only lead Syriacs to flee but also prompt Arabs and Kurds to seek refuge elsewhere, particularly in more developed countries. The courageous efforts of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), comprising Arabs, Kurds, and Syriacs, in combating terrorism, notably their instrumental role in the defeat of ISIS with international support, must not be in vain. We appeal to all democratic and freedom-loving voices to unite in solidarity against Turkey’s destructive policies and to stand unwaveringly with the people of Northern Syria in their pursuit of security, prosperity, and dignity.

As steadfast proponents of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, we implore the international community, including NATO, the European Union, and the United States, to intervene decisively to halt Turkey’s aggression and uphold the fundamental principles of peace, stability, and respect for diversity in northeastern Syria. In conclusion, we urge you to act promptly and resolutely to alleviate the suffering of innocent civilians and to hold Turkey accountable for its egregious violations of international law and human rights.

Yours sincerely,

  • Syriac Union Party – Syria
  • Syriac Women Union - Syria
  • Syriac Cultural Association – Syria
  • Syriac Cross for Relief and Development
  • Syriac Progressive Youth Union
  • Ashtarout Center
  • Syriac Assyrian Chaldeans and Armenian Migrants properties committee
  • Syriac Strategic Research Centre
  • Olaf Taw Institution
  • Syriac Assyrian Martyr's Families Institution
  • Syriac Security Forces - Sutoro
  • Syriac Military Council
  • Beth Nahrin Women Forces
  • Universal Syriac Union Party – Lebanon
  • Bethnahrain Patriotic Union – Iraq
  • In Defense of Christians (IDC)
  • Antiochian Greek Organization
  • European Syriac Union
  • American Syriac Union

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