We remember and honor the martyrs of 1915 Sayfo genocide

There is exactly 108 unforgettable years since the world and Syriac(Chaldean-Assyrian-Aramaic) people witnessed one of the most tragic events in the history of the humanity. Starting prior to the World War I and executed during the war, Ottoman-Turkish authorities planned and organized systematic destruction of ancient Christian communities of Mesopotamia and Anatolia notably Syriac people, Armenians and Greek Pontics.

The genocide of 1915 widely known as “Sayfo” have been demographic, social, cultural, economic, religious and linguistic destruction for Syriac people dispersed in wide geographical sphere from Edessa, Urhoy, Omid and in the region of Hakkari along the Iraqi border and Urmia-Salamas area in modern Iran. 500.000 people have killed, massacred and thrown in the valleys, digs and from the mountains. Unnumbered women and children have been islamised while social, religious leaders and public opinion figured have been executed/assasinated systematically.

108 years later on the genocide of 1915, Syriac people continues to face destruction, annihilation policies, pressure and threats of demographical change in their historical lands. Historically, Syriac people and other minorities faced discriminatory acts, hate speech and destructive actions in the Middle East region. ESU call on Turkey and international community to remember and recognize Sayfo 1915 genocide in order to heal open wounds.

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