We remember martyrs of Amenian genocide of 1915

On this day of April 24, 107 later on, we remember and honor innocent souls and martyrs of Armenian genocide perpetrated by Ottoman Turkish rule and allies in the years of 1915 by annihilating native Armenian people, killing of women and children, destructing cultural, social and religious heritage and erasing ancient history.

As a “first genocide of 20th century”, Armenian genocide and along with Syriac And Pontic Greek genocides continue to mark the existential and identical part of the memory and people around the world continue to ask for Justice and truth to be recognised and officialised. Moreover, the shadow of Armenian genocide continue over the local people and communities in the Middle East region.

107 later on, Armenian genocide left unmatchable suffering, destruction and annihilation of Armenian people in their ancestral lands and erasure of the historical, cultural and social richness. On this day, most of the Armenian cultural and religious heritage in Turkey especially in the southeast of the country is under the danger and total disappearance. Political and military actions of Turkey in Artsakh, northern Syria and Kurdistan Regional Government regions against native people pose direct threat to their existence and survival. While all eyes turned on the Ukraine, Turkey is using this opportunity to attack communities and democratic projects illegally. International community, OSCE and European Union have moral responsibility to stop Turkey from its destructive actions and policies. On the other hand, while actions carried out beyond borders, harassment, arrests and threats continue against free and democratic voices inside the country. Based on this, we firmly condemn attacks against Armenian deputy Garo Paylan regarding his proposal over the genocide.

On this day of 24 April, ESU and its member organisations remember and honor martyrs of Armenians genocide, Christian communities and other targeted people. We stand with Armenian people, share their suffering and combat together for the recognition of 1915 genocide.

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