We stand with the people of Afrin in Syria against Turkish attacks

District Afrin Syria
District Afrin Syria

On January 20, Turkish military forces started to attack Kurdish city of Afrin in Syria following several statements from the state authorities. During the attack and aggression, several media sources and accounts confirmed injured and dead civilians due to the heavy attacks of Turkish forces.

Since the beginning of Syrian conflict millions of people had been displaced, hundreds of thousands lost their lives and millions of children are in need and suffering of the civilians continues. While the efforts of the on the ground forces, as Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF have been focused on the total defeat of Islamic State, Turkish state attack the whole region indiscriminately which never posed a threat to Turkey until now.

Internally, the government of AKP imprisoned hundreds of people, journalists, human rights defenders and destroyed towns of Sur, Cizre among others and continue their assault on the different segments of the society while hate crimes and speeches continue to increase and target ethnic and religious minorities. We should also mention the seizure of Syriac properties in Turabdin region by the Turkish state.

We condemn Turkish state aggression on the Afrin region and we call on international community to stand with the people of Syria and stop Turkey.   

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