After abductions in Al Quaryatayn by ISIS are the Syriac Christians of Sadad the next target?

Yesterday’s abductions of Syriac Christians and others in Al Quaryatayn are already a well-known fact. These abductions underscore once more the dire situation of Syriac Christians and other minorities in Syria.

Once more we ask for urgent support for the Syriac Christians in Sadad, where most of the Syriac Christians of the region have fled to. The Syriac Orthodox Bishop of Homs, Eminence Selwanos Boutros Alnehmeh, is calling for urgent help and support for the refugees in Sadad. His church needs to pay for rent for housing, medication, baby articles and food as well as support for further transport of people to safer locations (see annexed his letter with details).

We are extremely worried over the Syriac Christians in Sadad, which is only a half-hour drive from Al Quaryatayn. We fear that without reinforcement or help that they will be the next targets.

Furthermore we ask the EU Member States, Canada and US for more military support of the Syriac Military Council, YPG and allies in order to enable them to defeat ISIS in Syria. This will be the real solution to end this threat to our people and many others.

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