Happy Easter - Resurrection of Jesus is inspiration and courage

To the people of Bethnahrin & international media

Today Orthodox Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter. Syriac people in the homeland and diaspora continue their millennium traditions by preserving this unique tradition.

Christianity around the world celebrating the Easter in different part of the world under the heavy circumstances and difficulties. More than a decade, Christians in the Middle East region facing unbearable harassments, difficulties and recently to forced to exodus. Syriac people, as the first people who accepted Christianity, are under unknown future in these days. Easter feast is a moment of joy, happiness and solidarity with those in need.

Christians around the world and especially those in the Middle East countries are in the need of their brethren. It is our moral responsibility to return to the help our brethren under the difficult circumstances. Supporting and co-operating with Christians in the Middle East is important as urgent. Future of Christianity in this turmoiled region depends on our commitment to be with the persecuted and vulnerable groups.

European Syriac Union, ESU wish a very blessed and happy Easter to all that celebrate today the Resurrection of Jesus. Our hope and expectation is that Easter may bring opportunity and chance to create an atmosphere of more close relationships between different churches and denominations in order to reduce the suffering of Christians and create new hope.

Happy Easter.

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