ISIS attacks Hassakeh

200.000 people threatened;
Call for immediate support to Syriac Military Council and YPG
Last week ISIS comitted terrorist attacks in Lyon, Soussa, Kuwait and Kobane and we deeply sympathise with all who lost their loved ones.

At the same time ISIS started a major offensive against Hassakeh (North-East Syria) and took its southern quarter that had been under control of Assad regime forces. More than 60.000 people fled to the nearby areas of the Gozarto Canton of the Democratic Self-Administration.

Now ISIS threatens all quarters that are under protection of Syriac Military Council and YPG. They stand between ISIS and 200.000 people.

The European Parliament called at 12 March for military support for Syriac Military Council and YPG. We repeat this call with extreme worry and urgency.

We thank for all the support given to the Democratic Self-Administration so far and we make the following appeal so that all this help will have long-lasting effect.

We ask the EU Member States, USA and Canada to send arms and other military support to Syriac Military Council and YPG as soon as possible.

After the attacks in all these countries it has become clear that we need to unite against ISIS and defend humanity, freedom and democracy. Syriac Military Council and YPG are prepared to fight ISIS and with military support they will be able to defeat them.

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