Turkey interference in European affairs is unacceptable

Since several weeks, Syriac people in Sweden at first and secondly Swedish public opinion and media continue to discuss the issue of Sayfo 1915 genocide in the country in different levels including political parties and high ranking politicians. Now, the question of Sayfo genocide also is in the actuality in Netherlands. In the cases, interference of Turkey to the discussion undermines free discussion, acceptance and progress on the genocide issue.

Following its brutal stand against opposition figures, politicians, and dissidents and of any critical views in Turkey, the Turkish government under the AKP now extends its nationalist stand to the European countries rallying behind them Turkish citizens to reach their objectives. Turkey interference in the European debate and crucial public opinion discussions undermine the prospects of free and democratic atmosphere and reach consensus based on truth and justice.

Since several weeks, Sweden discuss the issue of genocide 1915 perpetrated by Turkish-Ottoman rule and the attitude of some Swedish politicians. After long discussions and with the statements from different actors, we now know clearly the role of Turkey to stand before any recognition of Sayfo genocide. On the other hand, in Netherlands, Saxion University of Applied Sciences refused to publish an article regarding Sayfo 1915 genocide
fearing the reprisal of Turkish population in the country. Fortunately, with the weight of Syriac people, associations and personalities, Saxion University accepted to publish article finally.

The genocide of 1915 issue is historical fact and truth recognized by International Scholars of Genocide Association and several countries. It is highly important for the Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people who continue to suffer from parallel destruction, fear and massacres. Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people will continue to fight for the recognition of Sayfo.

While condemning the interference and undermining role of Turkey to the European public opinion debate, we firmly believe that European countries, governments and decision makers must stand against Turkey attitude and stand before its hostage policy. Europe should stand for free, democratic and pluralistic public opinion debate without interference of any power to discover truth and recognize it.

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