We call on all Turkish political parties to stop Mr. Erdogan harassing Syriac Christians

During the recent months, the governing AK Party destroyed all aspirations and democratic structures for Turkey and its people. In the South East of Turkey towns had been destructed and people faced massacres. Also churches, historical sites and architectural monuments had been attacked similar to the incidents of Sayfo genocide of 1915.

The Turkish Prime Minister Mr. Davutoglu stated on February, 27th: ,,Like Armenian gangs they (the Kurds) are collaborating with Russia." Mr. Davutoglu made clear that he agrees with the genocide and wants to finish the genocide at the Syriacs and Armenians and treat the Kurds in the same manner. We can see this clearly in what is happening in Beth Zabday (Idil) and what is happening in Kurdish-majority places.

Last few Syriac families in Diyarbakir and Beth Zabday (Idil) have been threatened, their homes entered by force and have been battered. These incidents took place in Diyarbakir and in Beth Zabday (Idil), respectively the Virgin Mary Churches.

On February, 28th a Syriac man, Samo Karagol, has been attacked in his house and was arrested by the Turkish military.
Last days the Turkish military started bombardement with F-16 warplanes around Beth Zabday (Idil) and other Syriac villages.
South East Turkey was home of Hundred of Thousands Syriac Christians. After massacres, genocide and assimilation policies, the majority of Syriac Christian was forced to flee. Nowadays there is a minor number of Syriac Christians present in the South East of Turkey.
It is important to mention, that some Syriac Christian families from Europe returned last years to their homes in order to live again there. Now this people and all remaining Syriac Christian people face again threat of existence.

From February 26th to 28th the Turkish military shelled Tal Abyad in Syria while ISIS attacked that place at the same time.
The governing AK Party and its ally ISIS are therefore breaching all international law and continue their actions by committing crimes against humanity.

We condemn in strongest terms this attacks against humanity and freedom. The current progress under the AK Party is far from any democratic norms, not only referring to European values, but also referring to the national constitution of the Turkish Republic.

We call on the EU to take these issues into consideration for the upcoming EU - Turkey Summit on March 7th next.

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