We condemn heinous attack against civilians in Zalin, Qamishli, Syria

On the Eve of New Year, December, 30, 2015 historical Syriac town of Beth Zalin, Qamishli in Gozarto, Syria had been target of heinous terrorist attack, according to local sources with current situation, leaving 18 martyrs and more than 25 injured, under treatment in different hospitals across the town. During the night of December 30, around 9pm local time, three explosions targeted Syriacs owned restaurants in the dominantly Syriac Christian neighbourhood of the city.

Beth Zalin attack is another wave of violence targeting civilians and Syriac people in Syria with different periods. Following the recent attacks in Tel Tamer on December, 10, which left dozens of martyrs and injured, the wave of violence hit the heart of the city of Beth Zalin with high number of casualties.

Syrian crisis entering to its fifth consecutive year with human, social, cultural and economical toll and with millions of refugees scattered around the region and trying to reach safer places. Conflict continue in the different regions and cities with different actors and highlighting the presence of Islamic State, IS and other Islamists-Jihadists factions across the country. On the other hand, Syrian Democratic Forces, SDF continue their victorious battle against IS in Syria.

Since for years of the Syrian crisis, Syrian people, vulnerable groups, Christians and Syriac people faced killings, abductions, destruction of holy and historical monuments and exodus from Syria. Syriac people across the country had been target of terror and killings under the hand of different powers by forcing them to leave their historical homeland. Despite these, Syriac people courageously stayed in their homeland and they create institutions to respond to the crisis and forces to fight and protect Syriacs and other components in the region.

Ahead to the international meetings and conferences regarding the Syrian crisis, international community has moral obligation to be inclusive in a manner to bring all political and military forces on the negotiation table and especially giving place to vulnerable groups, minorities and Syriac people in order to end the suffering of millions under the danger of catastrophic situation. It is urgent and vital time to end the conflict in Syria and create a common space of co-existence and harmony based on pluralism and human values.

On this basis, European Syriac Union, ESU condemns heinous attack in Beth Zalin against our people and we kindly request local authorities to respond to the crisis urgently and assist needy people. We also extend our sincere condolences to the families of martyrs, to Syriac people and people of Syria and wish quick recovery to injured people. It is time of solidarity with our brethren in homeland, Bethnahrin.

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