We rember innocent souls and martyrs of Armenian Genocide

Following the beginning of World War I during the year of 1914, Ottoman-Turkish of the period beneficiated from the absence of international order and from the ongoing chaos, carried out its long planned annihilation of Armenian people in the border of the empire with other Christian groups as Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrians and Pontic Greeks. As the first genocide of the century, 1,500,000 Armenian civilians including women, children had been killed, hundred of thousands lost their lives during the death marches and women and children had been forcibly islamised.

The genocide of 1914-15 carried out as a systematic plan of execution by Ottoman-Turkish rule was the tipping point of violence and destruction of native Christian groups in the Ottoman Empire and this genocide annihilated more than 3 millions of Christians and their cultural, social, economic richness and assets change the hands. Armenian people who were populated across different places in the Ottoman borders face similar tactics of killings, executions and death marches to the Syrian desert. At the first step, intellectuals, writers, authors, artists, religious and local leaders and thinkers had been arrested and executed savagely and this followed by the mass killings of civilian populations.

More than one century of the genocide, Armenian people and survivors of the genocide continue their existence and survival and defying the wall of denial of Turkish state. Since then, dozen of countries recognised officially genocide of 1915 and others continue to follow this stand of truth and justice. In a perilous period in our world and in the face of horror trapped minorities and vulnerable groups in the Middle East region, it is of vital reality tore member the genocide of 1915, condemn it and call on Turkey to recognise it. Recognition of past atrocities and genocides will definitely help the construction of more peaceful and just society.

On this this day of remembrance of Armenian genocide, European Syriac Union, ESU remember the innocent souls and martyrs of these perilous days and stand with the demands of justice and truth for Armenian people and survivors of the genocide of 1914-15.

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