In our struggle for existence as an ethnic identity and a people in its own right, we, the Presidency of the Bethnahrin National Council, have resolved since the outset to make our Syriac people rise and let the world know about the SAYFO Genocide of 1915. Since 1994, we have worked hard to introduce the systematic commemoration of SAYFO, and our efforts have led to the acceptance and internalization of commemoration within all segments of our people. These commemorations continue in an organized manner today by the various organizations within our people to inform the general public and international institutions.

April 24 is the Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day for the Armenian people and the world paying tribute and remembering one and half million innocent souls martyred during the 1915 genocide under Ottoman-Turkish rule and their allies in this period. One century later, Armenian people and native Christian communities of Mesopotamia and the Black Sea region continue to remember, commemorate and ask for the recognition of genocide perpetrated against Christian communities during 1915.

Active organizations among our people and respected politicians from Europe started a petition for the freedom of Abuna Aho, Sefer Bilecen. Please consider signing, support and spread this important petition.

In yesterday’s hearing, Syriac Christian monk Sefer (Aho) Bilecen of Mor Yakup Monastery in Turabdin region, southeast Turkey sentenced to 2 years and 1 month to prison by Mardin local court. Monk Aho was taken into custody briefly in January 2020, released later but an indictment was prepared upon his dossier. While the hearing held at the Mardin 4h Heavy Penal Court was not attended by priest Bileçen, his attorney was present in the courtroom.

Today April 1st, Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian, CSA people welcome ancient Akitu New Year amid unprecedented sanitarian measures around the world and in the Middle East region where CSA people continue their existential struggle for survival in their forefather's lands.

Today March 8, world and international community celebrate much deserved international women’s day amid COVID-19 pandemic and critical situation of women in various places around the world also threatened by the violence, war and conflicts.

Today March 5, Supreme head of Catholic world His Holiness Pope Francis is visiting Iraq for the first time as a sign of hope, peace, brotherhood and courage. Pope Francis decision to visit Iraq and meeting various communities, leaders and people will surely creat new force in Iraq and especially for beleaguered Christian communities across the country.

We, undersigned organizations, would like to draw your attention and share our concern, appeal and demand regarding an urgent issue which continues to affect the Syriac-Assyrian-Chaldean Christian community in Turkey and abroad.